Moving Leads From The Best Moving Company Lead Provider

In the professional moving industry, it’s become clear that the one-way, broadcast marketing practices of the past are going the way of the albatross. You can raise awareness and brand visibility through traditional marketing and advertising channels, but the conversion numbers are ultimately stacked against you if you’re not using targeted moving leads.


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Let’s explore why this is the case by taking a look at the number of people that move each year and where they move to.


Moving Leads By the Numbers


Since 2000, less than 15 percent of the population moves each year according to the most recent U.S. census data. Of this group, about 60 percent move within the same county.


Discounting these smaller, same-county moves that often choose the do-it-yourself route, that leaves only 5 percent of the population that would need the help of a professional mover.


Why waste time on the 95 percent that have no interest in being your customer when you can target the 5 percent that do? Your sales staff are far better equipped to close on a bid when their customers have already been screened and validated.


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Qualified Moving Lead Providers


Many moving company lead providers don’t follow best practices, don’t validate the quality of their leads or devalue their leads by sharing them too widely. Even worse, some moving lead providers let their leads grow stale by not providing them to their clients in real time.


We have a network of sites that collect high quality moving leads for us every day and we supply pre-qualified moving leads seven days a week, or just Monday through Friday if you prefer. We offer exclusive and non-exclusive leads and supply our moving leads to our clients in real time to maximize the quality of the leads and the benefit to your business.




Validated Moving Leads That Convert


Our pre-qualified, validated moving leads are among the best and most reliable in the business due to the strength of our screening process. We verify all of our leads based on location, valid email address and check for any duplicate leads. We offer moving leads for many different types of moves, including but not limited to the following:


  • Local and long distance moving leads
  • Leads for intrastate and interstate moves
  • Home and office moving leads
  • Cross country moving leads
  • U.S. and international moving leads


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