About CSL


A crucial difference in what we do is that we have created a solid SEO network for harvesting a constant source of solid leads where some companies are resorting to Google pay per click ads that state ridiculous claims such as “we’ll ship your car for only $499 coast toeLeads coast” (resulting in leads that are hard for brokers to close or have any kind of profit margin on).

All We Do

CSL eLeads are “scrubbed”, offered in more exclusive bundles for higher results, and this is all we do. We are not interested people moving their furniture, or selling their house or any other types of business. Our focus from the creation of the initial websites and all the hard work than went into getting them the high ranking and high traffic, to carefully making sure there are no duplicates before the leads are handed over to you – all of it has been so that you can get the highest quality leads and convert them into sales.

Always A Call Away

We are always available to talk with you person to person at 831-688-1425.  If for some reason we are unavailable, we will call you right back and discuss any issue you are having. We are here to help.