What Makes eLeads Better


CSL eLeads (Elite Leads) deliver the most selective, clean and scrubbed leads to you and no more than four competitors over fewer days giving you the best possible window for maximizing sales. This streamlines your whole sales focus, reduces your competitors, eliminates wasted time on poor leads and allows you to take the swiftest actions.

Why pay for a month’s worth of leads that:

  • Come to ten different competing brokers;
  • Get stale over the weekend and;
  • Can be overwhelming when you can pare it down to a Monday through Friday focus (with the option of Monday through Sunday)?

We also offer convenient 5-day or 7-day a week plans to meet your office needs. Why should you pay for leads that get cold or become useless over a weekend when they can just be turned off and start up fresh again every Monday, and close down on Fridays?

Your Actual Costs

CSL eLeads are $2.50 per lead with a 10 lead minimum per day and a 50 lead maximum.